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Seminar on ethics in business satyam scandal and fraud management

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 4:04 PM

Speaker : “Padma Shri” T.N.Manoharan

Former President Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Former Member of the reconstituted Board of Directors of    Satyam Computers

“Ethics are difficult to be taught, unless they are ingrained within” is what he said, and stood by it when his nation called for it!

Padmashree T.N. Manoharan, the man behind revival of Satyam from its infamous fraud, the magnitude of which was unimaginable, visited IMT Dubai campus on November 9, 2015. He gave a seminar on  Business Ethics and Fraud Management through a comprehensive analysis of the Satyam Case.

The session was opened by Dr. T.P. Ghosh- Professor of Finance at IMT Dubai, who gave a brief insight into Mr. Manoharan’s life, and his accomplishments. This was followed by a welcome address by our esteemed Director- Dr. Rakesh Singh.

Mr. Manoharan spoke about the Satyam case- starting from how the fraud was done, to the unethical management , forged records & bills and finally the intervention of the Indian Government in order to mitigate the losses. Being one of the members of the reconstituted  board  of directors of Satyam ,  he gave valuable insights into the concept of fraud management, and factors contributing to fraud. He gave tips to detect situations where a fraud may happen.

The speaker motivated  the students, future  managers & leaders,  towards adoption of ethical practices in the most enagaing way. The students left for the day with a take away that it is imperative to be ethical in business.

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